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Hangjiao 7 Supernova Pepper Seeds (HJ7)

Hangjiao 7 Supernova Pepper Seeds (HJ7)

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**Hangjiao 7 Supernova Pepper Seeds - Celestial Beauty, Intense Heat**

Illuminate your garden with Hangjiao 7 Supernova pepper seeds, prized for their celestial appearance and fiery temperament. These peppers produce elongated pods that resemble exploding stars, featuring vibrant hues of red, orange, and yellow, creating a dazzling display in any garden or culinary dish. With an approximate Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) rating of 300,000, they deliver an intense heat that ignites the palate with each bite.

Beyond their striking appearance, Hangjiao 7 Supernova peppers offer a complex flavor profile with fruity undertones and a lingering spiciness, making them ideal for adding bold flavor to hot sauces, spicy marinades, and fiery salsas. These seeds thrive in diverse growing conditions, from garden beds to containers, adapting well to different climates with adequate sunlight.

Whether you're a chili enthusiast seeking exotic flavors or a culinary artist experimenting with heat, Hangjiao 7 Supernova pepper seeds promise to bring both celestial beauty and intense spice to your garden and kitchen.

Seeds: 10+

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